Dongmei Li – YOU DUMB D-BAG!

I am so fucking sick and tired of douchebags and their lawsuits. The latest is near the worst one yet. Some dumb broad is suing Apple for one million dollars because her recently purchased iPhone had a price cut of $200 since its launch this summer. If this is not some blatant attempt to get free lazy money then I don’t know what is. Somehow $1,000,000 doesn’t come close to $200. We are off by a few zeros.

So what if Apple cut the price. Its technology and the price usually drops anyways. Not to mention Apple offered credits for those who bought the 8gb iPhone at the original price. A $100 store credit to those who bought at launch and a full $200 refund to those who bought it in the two weeks leading up to the price cut. People need to stop their bitching and legitimately earn a million dollars by doing god for honest work. This is why America sucks…ok one of many reasons. This is why corporate America charges higher prices for stuff because of mother fuckers like her that look for any loophole or flaw to see for ass loads of money that they do not deserve.

I hope Apple tells this lady to go screw. Steve Jobs, I am behind you. I would of taken the price cut as a consumer and counted my losses as I used the store credit to buy me another fine Apple product.

All hail Jobs!

*I forgot to post this last week when I wrote. I just forgot about this dumb ass, which the rest of the world should as well. We’ll be better off.

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