Trick or Treating in the Afternoon?

dvc00072.JPGHappy Halloween! I have always enjoyed Halloween and is probably my favorite holiday. I loved the candy, parties, costumes, and children and trick-or-treating. As a parent, I now get to show my kids the joys of Halloween. We get them cool costumes, take them to parades, hayrides, corn mazes, etc. No haunted houses yet (too young). Except the wife and I love scaring the piss out of them. You know the typical sneak up behind them, turn lights off, blah blah. Ah, the high pitched screams of a child.

We also take them trick-or-treating at at least two places. We usually go to my parent’s neighborhood on Friday night. Their neighborhood is really nice and you won’t get that cheap generic candy that you usually throw out. There are also no street lights in this development so it adds to the spooky effect. The only bad thing is the distance between the houses. It’s not far but I’m used to as a child a neighborhood with row homes on top of each other. This year it was pouring, but we still took them out. Can’t deny them free candy.

Anyways, this year I went with them to my in-laws house for trick-or-treat on a Sunday afternoon. I’m usually working or watching football to go up on that weekend. This year I did. I never went trick-or-treating in the afternnon, yet this is what my wife grew up on. Talk about totally lame. Ever went looking for houses with porch lights on in the middle of the day? Yeah, it sucks. It was like every 6 houses that were doing it. Sure its safe for the kids. Especially with Hell’s Angels roaming the streets, which I thought was weird for that area. I thought it was a total bust but the kids loved it, so thats all that counts.

All in all they had a good time.
Happy Halloween and don’t egg my house cause I wasn’t home to hand out candy.

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