Finally Got a Nintendo Wii

After months of either having the money and not finding one or finding one and not having the money, I was finally able to get one and one together to make two. So no more me or I or you (singular) but now its Wii. I actually got mine on Craigslist and didn’t pay an ass load of money. Instead I got a sweet deal. Normally you’ll see on Craigslist a Wii plus 5 Sports games for $400. Oh boy, they are playing off Wii Sports as 5 individual games. Only dumb parents not doing their research fall sucker to this.

Not me, I got the Wii (unregistered) and box, Wii Sports, Call of Duty 3, Chicken Shoot, and Resident Evil 4 with a guide for $300. Sounded to good to be true. Especially when the phone number listed was a 201 area code (Jersey City, Newark, etc.). I’m no where near there and I got lost once in Bayonne on a Friday night. Not the place anyone wants to be. Luckily, he moved down here recently and was local. Still, deal sounding too good and I never bought from Craigslist and went to some strange persons house with all them twenties. He was Asian so I took the chance. Not saying I would of ran if the person’s name was Jamal, Pedro, Jose, or Tyrone. I’m from Allentown my whole life and dealt with all types of people with no problems. I’ve had good history with Asians my whole life from neighbors to friends. (Sadly no Asian women as dates.)

My wife was still nervous and co-workers were teasing me saying it was a set up and I’ll be gang raped by whom ever. Still, a Wii for $300, my cornhole will take the risk. Armed with a tiny inch and a half pocket knife I drove into this new development of condos at 5:30pm when everyone is coming home from work. Totally safe. I pull up and see all their windows open and see a nice young family eating dinner. Knowing his name was Chinese, I was prepared to take my shoes off to enter his home. They were very nice people and hospitable. I am pretty sure they offered me some dinner as well. Not the first time that has happened entering into someone’s home like that. He had everything hooked up for me to verify and played a little bowling.

Here’s his money and off I go. I’m not sure but I think the reason he sold it only after 3 weeks and 10hrs of play was the taxes these people in that community pay is ridiculous. I pulled up property records and made sure of what and where I was driving too. What I got easily would go for $400.

So, the Wii is at its new home and hooked up. I kept three of their Miis. His, his wife, and I believe their little daughter. They were so nice, their Miis can stay and play with us. Thank you Joon for my new toy. My wife finally has played a vodeo game and hooked to play more. Oh wait, she has played 5 minutes with my Playstation 2 EyeToy. This Wii is up her’s, mine, and my kids alley. Now excuse me while I go shoot some zombies.

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