Ideas for Apple and iOS Updates

I’m a big fan of Apple and been so well before the i(insert name) craze took off in the 21st Century. I’ve been using the product lion long before feline cats were linked to operating system versions and when the Newton was the handheld device you carried around with you. I wanted to put out a quick post on two items I wish Apple would clear up or add in their next iOS update for iPhones and iPads. The first one is a must and is a big hassle to me when I fat finger it.

I’m talking about the audio controls that you can access from the lock screen by clicking the home button twice. My problem is the back, play/pause, and skip forward buttons are too close to each other that I have been known to try and pause a podcast only to hit the skip ahead button instead. So, instead of pausing in the middle of a 3 hour Joe Rogan podcast to pick back up at a later time, I just skipped over the remainder of what ever I am listening too. If I wanted to find out where I left off, I have to scroll through and try to remember what the time stamp was when I accidentally pushed the wrong button.

As you can see in the image that all three buttons are centered too closely to each other. There is a simple solution and that is to keep the play in the middle while pushing the skip and back arrows more to the outer edges of the screen. I don’t have fat fingers and I tend to hit the wrong buttons. I can’t even imagine if a portly 200+ lb user tries to pause their Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food podcast.

My next item really isn’t a gripe but a request to add an enhanced option inside of iTunes for when we are syncing our iDevices. One of my favorite options is the ability to fill up the rest of my iDevice’s unused space with random media from my iTunes library. This is great especially when I have 8Gb of unused space and I don’t feel like manually adding from my library. However, during the course of the day I am constantly downloading documents, apps, and other files that require space on my iDevice. I’m wondering if a slider bar can be added to this option that I can specify to set a designated amount of space to remain unused for day to day downloads and any other remaining space can be automatically filled with media files from my iTunes library.

I’m sure I could brain storm and nit pick on what small features or abilities I ant added but these are the two that come to mind every day I use my iDevice.

Dongmei Li – YOU DUMB D-BAG!

I am so fucking sick and tired of douchebags and their lawsuits. The latest is near the worst one yet. Some dumb broad is suing Apple for one million dollars because her recently purchased iPhone had a price cut of $200 since its launch this summer. If this is not some blatant attempt to get free lazy money then I don’t know what is. Somehow $1,000,000 doesn’t come close to $200. We are off by a few zeros.

So what if Apple cut the price. Its technology and the price usually drops anyways. Not to mention Apple offered credits for those who bought the 8gb iPhone at the original price. A $100 store credit to those who bought at launch and a full $200 refund to those who bought it in the two weeks leading up to the price cut. People need to stop their bitching and legitimately earn a million dollars by doing god for honest work. This is why America sucks…ok one of many reasons. This is why corporate America charges higher prices for stuff because of mother fuckers like her that look for any loophole or flaw to see for ass loads of money that they do not deserve. Continue reading