Sports / Recreation

I like to think of myself as a semi-active person. I use to be a lot more active but time and motivation are a killer. Growing up, I played a lot of sports up through high school. I played baseball, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, bowling, and a few seasons playing football. I was no star by any stretch of the imagination but I played and made an impact. I also did a lot of skiing, BMX, fishing and wilderness activities with the Boy Scouts including hiking the PA section of the Appalachian Trail.  I was an Eagle Scout in the BSA. So, there was a lot of camping and hiking events that I participated in and loved. During college I played intramural sports and participated on my college’s golf team. I also played a lot of disc golf in my early adult years.

Now in my older years (closing in on 40), I am a little lazier and preoccupied than ever. I do get out and disc golf a few times a year. I haven’t gone fishing in two years and would love to go out camping again. My two sons are heavily into soccer and I got involved with the sport a few years back. I coached both of them on various age levels and I play regularly with other local coaches and our high school squad. Soccer is about the only active thing I do on a consistent basis. I play at least twice a week. I’m starting to ride my bike a lot more and hope that keeps up.


June 2015 – I ran my first 5K race and finished first in my age category. (I was the only one in my age group and was just running with my 10 year old who also finished first in his group.)

PDGA Account
CYSA Soccer Coach
DiscGolfersRUs Profile

Favorite Pro Sports Teams
NFL Football: San Francisco 49ers
NCAA Football: Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Soccer: Philadelphia Union (MLS), Everton (EPL), USA
Hockey: San Jose Sharks
Basketball: Chicago Bulls
Baseball: Lehigh Valley Ironpigs
Disc Golf: Nikko Locastro

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