Stuck on 3rd shift tonight

My first weekend on-call as supervisor and one of my third shift guys calls off on a weekend. Weekends are already single coverage. Now I need to find someone to cover it. Well, that someone is me. Back on third shift…just for tonight, and it comes at a price. It’s all overtime.

The shift so far is dead which is one of the things I loved about working third. I have 4 hrs before I see another person. Maybe I could continue with some DS action and try to remember where I got lost or just start Mario and Luigi Partners in Time. I’ve already wasted some time in Ninjatown and progressed in story mode.

The only channel and can get to at work is MSNBC and they have been running the same 2 hours of TV over and over. One can only watch so much Lockdown. So instead, all LCD TVs have gone back to full surviellance camera mode and alarm monitors.

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