Year 2012 is Coming to an End

We are almost 2 weeks away from closing out this year but only 6 days away from the end of the world. We will see if the ancient predictions hold any truth. I highly doubt it so we all might as well go out and finish Christmas shopping and think of the year to come. I’m hoping my 2013 will be the year of the reboot. This year was not one of my better years but I can’t sign off on it as being the worst. One of the things I learned through my ongoing Tao readings is change or the threat of change allows our life not to be stagnant. No one wants to drink from the cup of life if it contains stagnant Koolaid. Externally things could always be better but internally I learned a lot about myself and I hope to continue down that path.

I don’t want to drone on and on in this specific post but I just want to quickly chronicle how I progressed through my goals I set at the beginning of the year. Not for the world to see but for myself in case I go senile and need to remember what it is I did for my life.

-Stay well under 200lbs. [Optional goal is 180lbs.] (This has been my goal for the last couple of years and been successful.) Completed as well as the optional kicker. Somehow I dropped almost 40 lbs.
-Complete 2 certifications for work. Fail! I’m dropping this for 2013 because I don’t want to feel forced to care about work.
-Play more disc golf.  Sure I would love to play more but I think I got out more than previous years.
-Disc golf in 2 new states.  I try to do a new one a year and missed 2011. I failed to do 2 but I did play in Maryland so I’m counting it.
-Go fishing with the kids more. Fail! I went fishing in NY but nothing local that I could take the kids to.
-Take the kids camping. The boys and I had a great time after the quick storm we had setting up our tent. Can’t wait to do it again in 2013.
-Get all the rooms on the first floor painted. Only the hallway and kitchen remain.
-Insulate 2 of the 3 crawlspaces. Didn’t even hit the planning stages.
-Replace the ceiling fan. Not only replaced the old one but added one to the dining room.
-Replace the garbage disposal. After some bloody knuckles and Jaegermeister, this was done.
-Replace all electrical outlets and light switches. Only the second floor was partially completed.
-Expand the garden and hook up a rain barrel system. Garden was expanded and I have the design plans and the barrel so I am counting it.
-Build a compost pile. Maybe 2013.
-Decommission one of my servers. This should be done around the start of January so I’m on track at removing this from my plate of worries.
-Write 12 blog posts to this blog or any reincarnated form. (Actually 11 if you count this one.) Nailed this early in the year when I started writing game reviews for regarding boardgames on IOS devices. However I did drop off their radar without a notice. I feel bad and might try to repair that relationship.
-Hook up a surround sound system in family room. Does buying a Surround sound 5.1 Turtle Beach headset for my Xbox 360 count? Didn’t think so.
-Earn Xbox Gamerscore of 13500. Actually one of the failed goals that I’m glad I didn’t hit. That just means I spent less time this year playing video games. I’m currently at 11151. So I was way off my goal. I’m glad I didn’t go with my original 15000 mark.
-Read 10 books. I should hit 15 by the end of the year.
-Learn a new geeky/nerdish trait or skill. Well, I wouldn’t say I mastered editing documents using vi but I am better at it than I was before.

Sure that only works out to be a 50% completion rate but it is better than a ‘I gave up on January 2nd’ completion rate. Now to adjust some of my ongoing goals and add some new ones in there.

First Week in New Job Position

To those that follow me on Facebook and Twitter know that I have accepted a new position with the same company that I have been with for almost 12 years. I am no longer part of management and I have no one that reports directly to me. (Thank god.) I have moved over to an engineer role and responsible for data center infrastructure and the “cloud”. So far, it has been a great move for me. Sure its going to be a lot of work and reading. Sure I will be doing a lot of traveling and going to training classes for all types of certifications. (The traveling will be great because I can play disc golf in new states.)

After the first week in my new role and new office, I am thankful for a few reasons.

  • I no longer sit next to all the bathrooms.
  • No one walks past my office because I am in the far back corner.
  • No one comes over to bother me about nonsense issues.
  • I can play music/podcasts without annoying people or being interrupted.
  • My email inbox has decreased by 99%.

Now it’s time to go back to my readings about data storage and management.

Goals for 2009

This is not no resolution list. Resolutions are for losers and resolutions are easily broken and forgotten like last years Christmas gift. Plus, this is February already, so it can’t be my New Year Resolutions.

Goals for 2009
-Place in a disc golf tourney for my division.
-Disc golf in a new state. (Possibly New York) I’m going to try and do a new state every year.
-Gain 5000 gamerscore points on Xbox Live.
-Buy another house. This time with no attached neighbors and a big yard.
-Fulfill all expectations at work as a supervisor.
-Upgrade my home laptop.
-Purchase new vehicle for myself.

I’m sure there are more but I just can’t think of it right now.