Trukz Online Driving Game

I started playing this fun driving game online in the office. It only takes a few minutes a day. You can’t play long because your truck driver gets tired and he needs to rest. You drive cargo from city to city and earn cash to buy new trucks and gear for your truck. It is a text based game so your boss at work won’t really be able to tell that you are playing a game. Click on the image above to check out the site.


Game play is simple but addicting. Real-life driver issues, including fatigue, diesel fuel prices, weather, speeding tickets, and driving overloaded come into play so there is always something that demands your attention. Trukz incorporates realistic climates and weather patterns that make driving in severe weather a challenge. Trukz also offers unique driving opportunities by allowing players to haul cargo to unique locations such as nuclear and hazardous waste to Yucca Mountain Nevada.

Don’t want to be an independent operator? No problem! Cooperate with other drivers by creating or joining companies to receive customizable assistance with repair fees, fuel costs, and even ticket fees. Complete your route on time and cities will begin paying you more money for each cargo that you deliver as your driver rating increases for each successful route completed on time. Arrive late and not only will you pay a penalty but your driver rating will decrease as well.

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