Happy New Year!

Well, Happy ’08; I guess. One more year down the tubes and time to start another dismal 365 days. Maybe this year will be better. There could be a lot of good for the world this year, or there could be a lot of bad news too. Why so cranky on the New Year? Hangover? No, but did have my fair share of beers at home and a Cuban cigar. The reason is because I am sitting at work. The only one in the office staring at my computer. Well, at least it is some quiet time from the normal work week.

My New Year’s Eve has drastically changed from 10 years ago. I brought in 1998 with a hell of a good time that would make your head spin. Lots of booze, partying, women, and other things. It would take me at least a day to sleep things off. Now, NYE after children is a totally different night. Last night, we decided to stay in and stay clear of all the amateur drunk drivers out there. We had a movie night and played new board games like Bingo and Battleship. We listened to loud music. We made pizzas and had ice cream. We lit off fireworks. We watched that poor old Dick Clark and had to explain to my 6-yr-old on why he sounded creepy. It was a night I enjoyed.

My resolutions this year I hope I keep. So I am aiming low or minimal.

1) Weigh under 200lbs. (Only way 208 now.)
2) Revive drinkinggamesfor.us from one of my archives.
3) Be more attentive to updating lvdiscgolf.org .
4) Put in new carpet throughout the whole house.
5) Fix up the kitchen.
6) Place 1st in a disc golf tournament.

Number 2 and 3 should be easy if I manage my online time properly. Number 4 should be done around tax return time.

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