First Week in New Job Position

To those that follow me on Facebook and Twitter know that I have accepted a new position with the same company that I have been with for almost 12 years. I am no longer part of management and I have no one that reports directly to me. (Thank god.) I have moved over to an engineer role and responsible for data center infrastructure and the “cloud”. So far, it has been a great move for me. Sure its going to be a lot of work and reading. Sure I will be doing a lot of traveling and going to training classes for all types of certifications. (The traveling will be great because I can play disc golf in new states.)

After the first week in my new role and new office, I am thankful for a few reasons.

  • I no longer sit next to all the bathrooms.
  • No one walks past my office because I am in the far back corner.
  • No one comes over to bother me about nonsense issues.
  • I can play music/podcasts without annoying people or being interrupted.
  • My email inbox has decreased by 99%.

Now it’s time to go back to my readings about data storage and management.

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