River City Ransom!!!

My favorite NES game, River City Ransom, is coming to the Virtual Console on the Wii. I’m so glad I have one of these fun and addictive white boxes. The next month is going to be huge on my Nintendo collection. This Monday after the smoky 4/20, prepare to throw garbage cans at youe foes. You should of seen my eyes when I seen this article on Destructoid pop in on my RSS reader. I’m glad I saved my points. I wish I could return TMNT  and at least get 200 points in return.

I remember when I bought this game back in 1990. I saved my paper route money and drooled over images of it in Nintendo Power. My mom drove me to Toys R Us and I played that game non-stop.

Not only is this game coming but so is Double Dragon and Renegade. Then you have WiiWare coming in May with Star Soldier R and Everyone’s Pokemon Ranch.

On top of that there is Mario Kart Wii on my kid’s birthday (04/27). My Wii is hoping with activity, except when the Sharks are playing.

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