My Wife Beats Her First Video Game

My wife did not grow up as a gamer or even bother playing video games as a child. She had a younger brother, but their gap in age did not open up any good avenues for bonding. Not like the 16 month difference with my sister. (We played many games together in our youth.) For the last 7 years after the birth of our first son, I’ve been telling my wife that she needs to learn how to play games and turn on the consoles and what controllers go with what. The only thing she knew how to do was play DVDs in the PS2. So, its a start.

Within the last two years, I got her to join in on some limited time with EyeToy on the PS2. Just some casual playing around but nothing extensive. She maybe did a race or two on Mario Kart DS. And she showed a short interest in Wii Sports when I bought the console. We still play tennis once a month when the mood strikes us.

She is becoming a fan of the Nintendo DS. I turned her onto Honeycomb Beat, which is an outstanding title that was only released in the UK. Then, she saw me playing an interesting puzzle game earlier this year. It was Professor Layton. She started helping me with my puzzles and decided she wanted to start her own story. The addiction begins. She started to talk trash and say she was going to beat me to the end. She started taking the DS to bed, she hid it from me so I wouldn’t take it to work, she needs her own DS.

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River City Ransom!!!

My favorite NES game, River City Ransom, is coming to the Virtual Console on the Wii. I’m so glad I have one of these fun and addictive white boxes. The next month is going to be huge on my Nintendo collection. This Monday after the smoky 4/20, prepare to throw garbage cans at youe foes. You should of seen my eyes when I seen this article on Destructoid pop in on my RSS reader. I’m glad I saved my points. I wish I could return TMNT  and at least get 200 points in return.

I remember when I bought this game back in 1990. I saved my paper route money and drooled over images of it in Nintendo Power. My mom drove me to Toys R Us and I played that game non-stop.

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