Return to RPGs

Back in the days of being single with a lot of time on my hands, I’ve played a few video game RPGs. (Never any of the boardgame, multisided dice, card games…I never had friends who were into it so I never was around those types.) A few years back I stopped playing them altogether. Some reasons were marriage, birth of kids, house, full time job and of course one ultimate pissed me off reason. That reason was Final Fantasy VII. Don’t get me wrong, awesome game. I was into the second disc when my PS1 memory card got corrupted and wiped out all my data. That card held my Madden data and FFVIII. Lets just say that memory card got a hell of a beating which included a hammer. That should teach me to buy a third party PS1 card.

I would of returned to FFVII right away but at the time of playing I didn’t spend a lot of time playing, well I should say long periods of continuous play. Plus, if I remember I was racing my friend to 75% completion in Gran Turismo 3. He won…damn those bachelors. (Only by 10 days.)
Over the last year, since buying a Nintendo DS, I started playing some RPGs including buying the Final Fantasy 1 and 2 double pack for GBA. Prior to that I played Diablo 2 and Kingdom Hearts. Thats as close to serious RPGs as I got. Kingdom Hearts I guess really kickstarted my interest again and strongly introduced my oldest son (5yrs at the time) into video games. Now him and I are playing through Kingdom Hearts 2. I let him play on his own and he does some leveling up for me. I’m also playing through Dragon Quest VIII on my own. This way I can play at a faster pace and longer periods of time. Heaven forbid if I play KH2 and he misses some of the story.

So many great titles I missed over the last 5 years. It’s going to take some serious gaming to catch up on what I want to play to get me ready for what releases in the next few years. Damn you Square Enix.

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