New Pokemon Game in 7 days…wait what the f am I talking about!

Holy shit this is sounding lamer and lamer each day April 22nd comes closer. I’m talking about the release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for the Nintendo DS. I should not even care. Nor did I ever for the last decade when this phenomenon came stateside. Mostly because I am too old and well still too old. A 30 yr old male should not be playing this shit. However, the gaming lunch crowd at work is veering towards this multiplayer battle game to consume our lunches. We have been heavily playing Mario Kart for the last couple of months.

I always mocked Pokemon and denied it any respect. I was a man of first person shooters, I was in a few clans for Rainbow Six and Halo, I was half of Militants of Jesus in Splinter Cell on Xbox Live. I know having kids would change my gaming status and main genres but I never thought it would come to this. Especially since I won’t be playing this game against and/or with my 6 year old. I will be playing this against other 30-somethings as well as a 40-something male. Sad…maybe.

Last month, one of my co-workers started going ape shit over Waillord. and thats what started this Pokemon Revolution. Teams have been drawn and the shit talking has already begun. We all bought Emerald just to get acquainted with the game. Well, this is more or a game than I was expecting. There is some serious shit going on in here. Alot of strategy management and information for any kid to fully comprehend. I am actually quite impressed with how much game Nintendo and Game Freak are able to fit into this little cart.

As of right now I have preordered both Diamond and Pearl to cash in on the free gifts. Of course, one of those games is going to a fellow co-worker. I think I might choose Diamond cause the legendary Pokemon looks cooler but the exclusives in Pearl look sweet. However, I can trade with co-workers for those. Got to catch them all!

If you have OCD, this game is not for you!

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