Saw the King Tut Exhibit Today

I took my entire family including my parents and my in-law parents to see the King Tut exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. It was a pretty cool exhibit. There was rooms and rooms of artifacts found in not just Tutankhamen’s tomb but those of his relatives.My oldest child (6 yrs old) enjoyed it for the most part but grew tired as most kids do when they figure out they have to walk. The kids more enjoyed the hands on stuff at the Franklin Institute like the Sports Challenge and the Space Exhibits.

Us adults enjoyed it though. The place was packed and I felt like cattle. I personally was expecting more King Tut stuff. I was especially disappointed that there was no Tut carsophagus. There was one coffin of his grandmother which was very exquisite. There was no Tut head bust that everyone knows so well when you think of King Tut. Two things I was looking forward to the most. However, there was plenty of ceremony relics to stare at.

Luckily, the next exhibits we go to which is at the local art museum for Knight armor and one on samurai warriors won’t cost nearly as much as today’s excursion.

Probably the most enjoyable part of the trip was my parents and the in-laws were in the same car while the wife and I enjoyed a quite ride with the iPod and two sleeping kids.

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