Picked Up Pokemon Pre-Order

Well the lameness of cool as progressed even further today as I picked up the pre-order of Pokemon Diamond AND Pearl. One is for a fellow co-worker. The EBGames or Gamestop (whatever its called now) opened up early in one of our local malls. So there I was sitting in the parking lot observing the people congregating at the front entrance of the South Mall. I was quite surprised at the demographics. There was very few kids of youthful age in the group of 40 people. Of course they were accompanied by their parents. There was also parents by themselves picking it up for their kids (I’m assuming). Then there was the shocking number of the long dark haired basement dwelling young adults there to pick up their copy. I guess I somewhat fall into that category except for the long hair and the basement dwelling (I own the whole house basement and all).

The store I got mine at had 200 pre-ordered copies. I was 1% of that total. The most amusing part of the adventure is the young 8yr old boy in front of me who was jumping up and down in excitement paid the clerk in almost all ones and a ziploc bag of $12 in change. Thank god there was three registers running.

I also laid down my $5 for the preorder of Zelda Phantom Hourglass.

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