Car Accident Last Night

I was coming home from work last night down past the malls. I just got done driving an employee home and was rushing home to use the facilities. I was thinking about stopping in at Best Buy, if I did I wouldn’t be telling you this story. Anyways, I was pulling up to some stopped traffic at a light. The weather was rainy all day. All of a sudden, I heard brakes lock up and I saw it in my rearview. A fairly new sedan closing in on me. I braced myself for impact. The force sent me forward into a Porsche Cheyene in front of me. Both airbags deployed and filled my car with a nasty smell. There was so much smoke and dust in the air, I thought Redman and Method Man were up in my car getting blazed.

My immediate concern before checking mysefl was my frisbees in the trunk. That is where I keep all my disc golf gear and a practice basket. I don’t know how they are doing, I couldn’t open the trunk. I’m heading to the garage that towed it this morning to claim my property. The car is more than likely totalled. See the pics below.

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My VW Jetta Finally Hit 80k

VW LOGOMy favorite car I’ve ever own has finally hit 80,000 miles. This car is a 1998 Tornado Red Jetta Wolfsburg. The car should be well over 100k but it is not…obviously. The 5 mile commute to work really helped out on that. I’m hoping this ride lasts me a few more years before I can afford a diesel VW.

The car is in good shape except for the whole exhaust system I’ve been meaning to replace for the last 8 months. I’m sure the next thing to go will be my clutch. I will deal with that when I get to hit.

In honor of my Jetta hitting a minor milestone, I went to and built a new Jetta. They have the best build a car website, and at the end of the ordeal you can crash the car. You can crash it into a tree, a big ball of twine, or something else. Very fuckin’ cool.

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