Hunting for a new TV – LCD

My 10 yr old 27inch Zenith CRT no longer can survive in this day and age. The color is going out in it and it looks terrible when playing games via an S-Video connection. Colors are all washed out, the screen alignment is off, and the list continues.

Since I am such a cheap ass, value is key. I won’t be going for any high end 108-p business. Mainly because I have not bought into this whole Blu-ray era, yet. All other content that I would watch would be just a 720p. I’m notorious for refurbished goods as long as the extended warranty will cover it. I’m mainly looking at a 37-42″ LCD widescreen that is 720p, HDMI, and HD Ready.

Some brands that I was looking at was Viewsonic, Dynex (Best Buy), or Corion ( Of course others will be looked at if the price is right and the specs are met.

Here’s hoping that the NFL Playoffs/Superbowl will drudge up some good deals.