May the Force be with Philly

X-WingThis year, the family ventured down to Philly again to see another exhibit at the Ben Franklin Institute. Last year, all of us including both sets of grandparents went to see King Tut. This year was Star Wars. There was a lot of hype behind this exhibit and my boys are all about Star Wars. Especially Lego Star Wars.

The weather this day was perfectly mild. A nice early April chill in the air and the sun shining bright. It would of been a nice day to stroll the streets of Philly again (without kids tired legs of course).

YodaWe started the exhibit with a ride in the Milenium Falcon. We all climbed into a makeshift cockpit of the Falcon and enjoyed a quick 3d like presentation of the stars and galaxies that are out there. All hosted by C3-PO. This extra feature was ok but I was expecting more. Once again, I always expect more and this statement carries through most of the exhibit.

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