Salmon Fishing Trip in Pulaski

Last week, I went on a fishing trip with my dad, uncle, and a few firefighters to Pulaski, NY. This is the first time I’ve been to Pulaski since I was 15 years old. I was looking forward to this trip for months. If you are a fisherman and never went for salmon, well, you are missing out. The excitement and experience is well worth the drive to the salmon capital of the world.

We stayed in a gigantic camper at Brennan Beach. The weather was perfect. It was cold at night, which is good for the salmon to run up the river. And, the weather during the day was warm and sunny. A huge difference from the weather when I went last time which was freezing. There was one morning which it was pouring but that stopped as soon as we got to the water. Every morning I stood in the water before sunrise and heard the salmon running up towards me. Sometimes 4 or 5 fish at a time. I had a few run into me and through my legs. Where we fished was insane. I thought I was in a fish hatchery. I’d tell you where we went, but I would have to kill you then.
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