Top 10 List of Geek/Nerd Things To Do This Year

One of my goals for 2012 from a previous post was to learn obtain some sort of new geek/nerd skill, trait or as I’ll add; notch to my geek utility belt. I’ve been pondering what that item should be and was torn. I’ve decided first of all to add this as a constant annual goal. This came clear to me as I ended up with a list of possible items for this year. I ended up broadening it to ten items. Some might be a little lamer or easier than the other, but this is the first year and it might advance over the years. I’m also open to suggestions from readers…if there are any out there.

I’m open to geek/nerd activities that allow me to involve my two younger sons Quattro and Mace.

Here is the list.

  1. Build something with a solar panel.  I always wanted to build something that uses renewable energy. May it be a Lego robot that travels across the picnic table or get a solar power kit from Harbour Frieght and wire up all the external house lights.
  2. Learn how to splice fiber cable. This one would be tough since we don’t carry the necessary tools at work and could be an expensive project to make mistakes in. Playing with small strands of glass sounds like too much fun though. My skills at crimping Cat5e and Cat6 cables as sped up this year and comes in handy when you want to make clean precise cable runs. Continue reading

Howl’s Moving Castle in Lego Format

Over my vacation I got to watch some movies. Of course most are movies I’ve seen a dozen of times. I got to watch Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle, two of my favorite full feature cartoons to come out of Japan. Both movies are directed by Hayao Miyazaki. (I’ve yet to see Ponyo…it’s on my list.)

Anyways, the reason I bring up Howl’s Moving Castle is I want to showcase someone’s dedicated time (or too much time on hand) and their massive collection of Legos. My kids love Legos so this was right up their alley. Someone actually built a full fledged Howl’s Moving Castle. Good work imagine’s brickzone!!! Click here to see his work.

My kid’s only wish they had half the Legos it took to build this. My kids are fully addicted to them like Pookie hooked on crack.