Daily Post – Worst Case Scenario

Today’s daily post idea from The Daily Post is called Worst Case Scenario. Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today? Now, what about the best?

Worst? It’s clearly obvious what the worst outcome of today could be and is ridiculous to even ask or even for me to put it down in words. As a family man, the most absolute worst scenario of today would result in the death of a loved one. Either immediate family or extended. It’s something I do not want to think about or go through. I’m just going to pass by this and move on to the best.

The best? One of my Powerball tickets hitting a worthwhile jackpot sum. Tonight marks the highest jackpot in US history and is already over 900 million dollars. I can think about how many lives I could change with that amount. My family would be set.

Worst Case Scenario

Facebook’s Grateful Challenge – My Edition

The internet has been a buzz for quite some time with challenges well before the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Challenges made to other parties via social media networks honing in on specific targets and forcing them or peer pressuring them into doing something or revealing something with the underlying fear of being called out on the same networks as failing to fulfill said challenge.

I am not one to just roll over and go “Ok, you want me to do something because everyone else is…sure and I can post it for likes…ok…” However, there is one person out there that can get me to do anything with little to no arm twisting and that is my beautiful wife. She was recently called out to post for 5 days on Facebook sharing 3 things each time on what you are grateful for. Of course she nominates me… Continue reading

Kid’s Activities = Free Time For Me?

My oldest son, who is 7 years old, is getting involved in a bunch of extra activities like soccer and now cub scouting. These activities require me to race home from work, skip dinner, and take him there. This is done at least three times a week. I have no problem taking him there and I am glad he is involved with activities other than Legos and video games. Sure, I would like dinner when I get home. Or take my shoes off. Or have a beer. However, this is not always a bad thing.

Take cub scouting for example. This is his first year and I take him every Tuesday for an hour and a half. I could always drop him off and take off like other parents, but at what cost. As soon as I get home from the meeting place, I have 20 minutes to relax and turn around. Not really worth it. So, I end up sitting in my car and read a book, listen to my iPod, play the Nintendo DS, or set up my disc golf basket and practice in the field by the church.  I could also go up to the bar which I used to live by. This is usually some nice down time after a stressful day in the office. Otherwise, I’d be at home fiddling with some stressing home project, chores, or noises that occur inside my housing structure.

What makes this wrong is the cub scouts are always looking for parents to become leaders. So, while they are short-handed with male leaders, I am sitting outside enjoying my peace and quiet. Why won’t I volunteer? That’s a post/rant for another day.