Gamestop Ruins Second Christmas

Tis the season to be merry and buying presents that will wipe out your bank accounts. Our family Christmas went well. The boys were excited and got some tech items they wanted. Eddie got an iPod Touch and Mason got a Nintendo 3DS. I even did good this year and bought Sarah something she really loves. I guess I can pick out good jewelry. I knew she always wanted something with her birthstone on it.

The boys also got a ton of gift cards. They always ask for Gamestop gift cards because they love the 2nd Christmas festivities they get to partake in with there dear old dad. For years, Gamestop always held a buy 2 get 1 free used sale right after Christmas. We take all our gift cards and spend them all in one shot and usually walk away with 6-9 games. We renew our Gamestop Rewards card and also grab a new controller for one of our systems. We don’t buy video games for December 25th. We let the boys pick out what they want.


For some reason Gamestop is not holding their holiday tradition and they are holding some other bogus sale offer. The kids are heart broken. Gift cards sit there burning a hole where ever you set them. Mason is wanting a Mario game for his 3DS. Eddie is looking forward to being a Spartan in Halo 4. My friend who works for Gamestop is also surprised that the sale is not going on. It’s not like Gamestop needs to offer this sale every year and they don’t need to explain why it is not going on. I’m just saying its a let down.

I do hope the B2G1 sale occurs before January 25th. Why this date you ask? That is the first day of Wintereenmas, a 7-day holiday celebrating video games. It was created by the crew of Ctrl-Alt-Del comics to help pass the late winter months when no good gaming titles are released. It’s not like I’m going to let the boys play for 7 days straight but I’m sure they would rather play with something by then instead of staring at the gift cards one month after Christmas.


Holiday 2009 is Over

Today is the last day of the holiday season/vacation. Tomorrow is back to normal with school and work…oh joy. This was a very good holiday season for my family. This was our first Christmas and New Years in our new home. It was nice to make all the noise we wanted without disturbing the bipolar “roommates” we were once stuck with.

There was lots of parties here and everywhere. Lots of good food and drinks to be had by all. Some of the more notable foods would be the cookies from the women in my life. Wife and her gingersnaps, mom’s nut toccis, and my sister’s dark chocolate macaroons. Plenty of rich cheese and shrimp and my tender pork roast on new years. Let’s not forget about the wine, tequilla, and chocolate martinis.

Today we are killing Christmas and finding a home for all these gifts. So much Bakugan, pogo sticks, games, books, Hot Wheels tracks, science kits, and robots. Not to mention the new clothes that need to be washed and ironed.

Also need to come up with new resolutions for this year…

Oh and it was a sucking football holiday with no Irish!!!!

Popular Gifts for 2008

During my short stint as Santa Claus, I got to see what the popular gifts of 2008 were for the youth of America. The number one most popular gift without a shadow of doubt is the pink Nintendo DS. There was almost at least a dozen or so every night.

1. Nintendo DS (pink)
2. Benderoos
3. Pixos
4. Cupcake Maker
5. American Girl Doll
6. Hanna Montana

1. Bakugan
2. Xbox 360
3. trains/cars/trucks
4. bike
5. random video games

Honerable mentions to Sony PSP, Wii, red Nintendo DS, legos, and a real puppy.