Time off from work means Craigslist time

Since I have off from work for almost two weeks, I’ve been cleaning out my basement, garage, and storage up in my bedroom area. Now my living room is full of items I been meaning to sell. Most of the stuff is or has been listed on Craigslist. Some items like my baseball card  and stamp collection from the mid to late 80s will be taken to local shops to see what I can get for them. This is all monies that will be dumped into a hopefully iEverything upgrade spending spree by the end of the year. So far an old 27″ TV and a DVD player went immediately.

The other items I posted is/are disc golf bag and discs, Hoegaarden beer light, Becks beer light, Budweiser holiday steins, 23″ electric fireplace, Xbox 360 games, Wii games, printer and scanner, and a weed wacker.

I also have some autographed LP posters of Bad Company and some other bands around here somewhere.

Interested in anything let me know.

Bayonetta demo killed my Xbox console

So, I won myself an early beta code from the great people over at Unscripted 360. Awesome. I have myself a nice night to myself for gaming and decide to start off the night downloading the demo and checking it ok. So, I go and enter the code and load it up into my download queue. It starts to download. While I’m waiting I want to go and check out my Facebook status. So, I go an click on the link and before it can load the Facebook splash page it locks up the whole console. What the fuck! So I power it off and then back on. No luck. Pull the hard rive, power source, plug back in, power on. Nothing. It loads and within the first ten seconds, it locks up on the dashboard.

Thanks a lot Bayonetta and Sega, you fucked my box right before the holidays. God damn it!!!

Attached is a video of me trying to power it back on.

**FYI – This is an Arcade 360 with Jasper chip from Holiday 2008 shipments.

Attaching video from my Blackberry showing what happens.

Xbox Dead

New Xbox 360 Owner

So, I got one for XMAS. It was kind of a gift to myself in cooperation with my job. Thank you PAETEC. I once had the first Xbox a few years back and loved the games on it. I really wish I didn’t get rid of it, but that is a thing of the past. The decision was due to other circumstances and decisions. I got the Arcade model which ended up being the new Jasper chipset, so thats a nice plus. I got the 60GB HDD and a red controller to go with it.

So far, I have just been playing around with it and downloading some free XBLA games and demos. I played a little bit of Beautiful Katamri and Gears of War 2. There are so many games that I need to play and not enough time to do so. I need a better TV. I am having issues with reading text on the screen. I don’t know if it is a setting I have wrong or what but the text is tiny and blurred. I attempted Dead Rising and had to stop. I had no idea what was going on. I need to Google it to find out what the hell is happening.

Other games I have that are waiting to get some game time is Orange Box, Soul Caliber 4, Forza 2, Marvel
Alliance, Sega Tennis, and Halo1+2, Mercs, SW Battlefront, and KoToR for the first Xbox.

Looking to get more points for XBLA. I have a 3 month Live card and a $50 Best Buy gift card up for trade/sell.