Family-less Weekend

This weekend I will be without any family. My wife and children are venturing back across the state for a family reunion. That leaves me all alone for a weekend of beer, Musikfest, disc golf, and playing video games in my underwear. It also allows me to blast my music late at night and at 6AM in the morning to piss off our whacked out neighbors. I think I will be playing some sort of FPS hooked up to the surround sound.

It’s kind of cool, but it sucks as well since my wife is going to miss the Stone Temple Pilots concert tonight. No big deal since I didn’t pay for the tickets and is being sponsored by my employer.

Of course I can see some of my family by going to my aunt’s picnic on Saturday but I have a disc golf tournament and picnic to attend.

Maybe I’ll call off Monday and take advantage of another quiet day at home.

My Biggest Disc Golf Weekend Coming Up

This weekend is the third annual Soltstice Tournament up at Hickory Run and Francis E Walter Dam, a cross-town event. I’ve been in the previous two and I can’t wait for this years. The weekend is full of camping, parties, friends, prizes, cigars, and more. The event is put on by the Bearclaws and my buddy Mike Solt. He is stringing together a nice list of successful tourneys, especially this series. Each year, the player’s and prize packs get bigger and bigger.

I am heading up there early Friday to help set stuff up and any last minute preperations, plus get a practice round in. Now there is a random doubles match that evening at one of the courses. So, now that is 2 rounds on Friday and 2 on Saturday. That is the most I have ever played within a 48 hr window. I guess this is gearing me up for Sportsfest weekend down at my home course, Lehigh Parkway.

I’m sure there will be practice baskets at the campgrounds for some putting challenges.

The last two years at this tournament, I walked away with some sort of prize, so I hope to keep the streak alive. Just like Richie Klinger is hoping to keep his streak alive and winning all three Solstice Pro divisions. The first year I walked away with Closest to the Basket (which those in my foursome will not forget the path I took) and last year I one a portable basket from the raffle. This year I want first place in the rec division.