Attempting 2016 Resolutions Again

I think I skipped last year with a resolution post for 2015. I think I failed my 2014 so miserably that I thought doing one for 2015 was a waste of time. Also, a reminder of what a year of failure I had. Well, even though I did not have a list, I would of failed at it. I think last year was very unmotivating to me. I tried to escape this year with minimal effort and I’m sure it showed from time to time.

I say it every year, but this year is going to be different. I hope. Every thing needs to be reviewed and looked upon in a new light. This is my last full year before I turn 40. I’m halfway through a life and have a lot of work ahead of me.

I started looking over older lists and realized I had either recurring items or just items I never accomplished so just carried it over from year to year. These recycled items are:

  • Weight. I always had a goal of staying under 190lbs. I’ve done well with this one so it will stay. I can make it 180lbs but that is where I want to stay. The 190lb marker will stay as my danger zone area.
  • Stay physically active. Between coaching and playing soccer, YMCA, and other exercises I should stay motivated and fit.
  • Play in 2 disc golf tournaments. I really dropped off of this sport again. I think its been 2 years since I played in an event. I’d also like to play in a new state this year.
  • Play in 2 MTG events. Once again motivation and time killed this hobby off but the kids like playing it. I think a FNM event with the oldest this winter is needed.
  • Replace basement windows. It is still friggin chilly in my office basement. Since I waited this long, lets do the rest of the house windows. I already have the help and know how lined up.
  • Expand the garden. This one I excel at every year. Each year it gets bigger and better.
  • Write 12 blog posts. Haha. Easy one but fails every time. I think a new generic blog is on its way. One that may grab some readers on a regular basis.
  • Replace all house electrical and light switches. I’ve only owned all the needed parts since the first year we moved in. (2009)

images.jpgThose will continue to stay on there. I have come up with some new items for 2016. The current recurring list is enough for me to focus on but it feels like the same song and dance. Every year its the same tune. Time to shake up the band with a new tempo.

  • Stay motivated and positive at work. Focus on organization and correcting procedures. Improve at work and really focus at moving on in the company and not sit back and enjoy the comfy less risky approach.
  • Improve work skills to fall back on or forward on to to improve my career outlook. Including a fall back skill if the computer industry decides they are through with me.
  • Plan and do a long bike trip. I’d like to do the D&L Trail from Mountain Top all the way home.
  • Run in another 5k or longer race with the kids.
    • Side goal/mission is to run the Ironton Trail starting from my home and finishing there.
  • Finish reading A Clash of Kings and two other books.
  • Clean/repaint fireplace and possibly get a wood stove insert for it.
  • Find 20 geocaches.
  • Videogaming. Yes even my motivation in this died over the last two years. Let’s say either complete GTA V or Borderlands 2 on the PC.

This is a good jumping point for right now. I’m hoping to get this year started and going in the right direction. A year of motivation, assertiveness, drive, passion, etc. etc. This year is also a leap year so I have an additional day to stay focused on.

*The list should always be fluid and flow organically. (Ok, I’ve been watching too many yoga videos to be using those words together.)

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