Facebook’s Grateful Challenge – My Edition

The internet has been a buzz for quite some time with challenges well before the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Challenges made to other parties via social media networks honing in on specific targets and forcing them or peer pressuring them into doing something or revealing something with the underlying fear of being called out on the same networks as failing to fulfill said challenge.

I am not one to just roll over and go “Ok, you want me to do something because everyone else is…sure and I can post it for likes…ok…” However, there is one person out there that can get me to do anything with little to no arm twisting and that is my beautiful wife. She was recently called out to post for 5 days on Facebook sharing 3 things each time on what you are grateful for. Of course she nominates me…and I will oblige with no arm twisting. However, with my own spin on the rules. I am not doing it directly on FB put will link this post to the social media network. I will also do this in one shot because barely anyone really cares what I am grateful for, let alone being stuck reading my gratefulness for the next week.

1. Not by default or to escape any trouble, but the number 1 thing I am grateful for is my wife, Sarah. We’ve known each other for about half our lives now, so we have a lot of history and I could care less about all the negative things that have, may or will happen. She will always be my #1. She is also the reason behind a lot of these other items on the list. Without her I would be a different person today. I don’t know what kind of difference I would be but good or bad, the hole in my life left without knowing and being with her would not be worth all the Powerball winnings and superpowers I may of obtained if I did not know her. I could make a 15 item list just on her but I won’t. That would make this list too easy. I never want to lose her because there is no replacement. There is no one that even remotely compares to me. She will be my one, my everything, from now until the end. (I am hoping we grow old so it won’t be a long and solitary life.)

2. Not truly #2 on my list but it goes with my last statement. I am grateful that I can be recluse and a loner and not go insane. Even before the age of the internet and technology, I was always one for solo camping trips or just hanging out on my own. Granted, my large family would not allow me to drop off the face of the earth but they do accept my need for downtime and quietness. I do not want to grow old alone but I can imagine myself as an old man living in a cabin somewhere just watching time pass.

3. This is my true #2 and is only achievable with my #1 which equates to 3 people I care about more than anything. Yes my kids. My wife and I lucked out twice with the gene pool lottery. We are blessed with two boys who are healthy, well mannered, not squirrelly looking, handsome, smart, athletic, and artistic. I could go on and on. My boys never had me look at another kid and be envious one little bit about any characteristic. I love how they are mini-mes of Sarah and I and we all share a lot of similar interests. I love how they are open to new ideas. Granted they are kids so they have their moments of “duh” and can’t follow directions, but we were all like that. If you don’t make errors when you are young, then how do you learn from your mistakes when you get older? (#3 is also my favorite number)

4. I am grateful for our house where #1 and #3 make it a home. I love the space, the layout, the potential. I just wish I can make the potential flourish faster…or at all. I am glad we have the outside space to go with the house so we can continue to grow our own food. Once #3 moves out then more and organized gardening can begin. We just need to keep the front yard clear for grandkids in the far off, distant, many many many moons from now future.

5. I am grateful that in this house on the penthouse suite, I have my own personal half bath. I share it with my wife, but this is my shaving room. There is no need to clutter the main bathroom with my stubbles all over the place. I also am the one that has to clean it up.

6. I am grateful that I do not need to rely on #1 and #3 to fix a computer, Internet, or a technical problem. If I did, we would be stuck in the 20th Century. They’ll get it eventually. I am no “computer whisperer” or a content expert on one item, but I do have the ability to adapt and learn what is needed to live in the digital age. I truly do know just enough to be dangerous. I’m also grateful that I want to keep learning about computers, eventhough I despise digital life at times. However, to strive in the digital era, you have to embrace it.

7. I am grateful that I enjoy reading. Once the global power blackout happens in 2024; item #6 will be completely useless.

8. I am grateful that Sarah and I are not picky eaters and we both are no slouches in the kitchen. I was never one to turn away food as a kid and loved to eat every and anything. All you can eat salad bars were my favorite as a kid. However, I can not say the same for my kids. They remind me on my sister and her finicky eating habits. She has changed, so there is hope for my boys.

9. Speaking of my sister; I am grateful for my extended family. My parents made sure my sister and I had everything we possibly needed when growing up. They made sure we were entertained and educated. They gave us both new experiences that I hope to pass on to my kids. I am also grateful for my sister who is also a close friend and so is my brother-in-law.

10. I am grateful that I was able to get to know and love 2 of my grandparents. Unfortunately I do not remember much or anything about my mom’s mom or my dad’s dad. Lucky for me I still have Grammie to enjoy.

11. I am grateful for games. Since the dawn of time we used games to bring people together, resolve disputes, and to assert competitiveness. I enjoy cards, boards, dice, video, sports, and all other types of games.

12. I am grateful for the town in which we live. I love the small town appearance and attitude. I love how we are not far from the main city. After growing up in the main city, I can overlook the small crimes that visit this town from time to time. I can actually still view this place as safe for my family. I am grateful for the school district that my children go to. Of course, there are safer and better school districts no matter where you live. The key objective is not to chase the perfect city/school because they will never live up to it. The more you chase, the smaller problems appear to be bigger problems.

13. I am grateful for my health. Although it is not the healthiest and my vessel has had its ups and downs, I could of definitely done a lot worse.

14. I am grateful that I can finish this list now and know that 15 is constantly evolving and changing depending on my mood and situation. It is only human to change an entire thought process on a whim because one has to adapt. I am grateful that I can live with out having a set number or a top 15 things I am grateful for. Everything and everyone that I hold dear to me has been in the number 15 slot at least once during my life.

Now this is the part where I nominate someone else to profess their gratuity to the world. I am choosing not to and spare you. Hopefully, I now have become your #15 for this instance of time. In exchange, I ask that you mentally track your list and remember them daily. Keep them fresh in your mind and they should never fade in today’s busy and confusing world.

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