Goals/Gameplan for 2013

135149571435cxJLHere we go again. It’s a new year and it’s time to post up my list of goals to do this year. These aren’t resolutions because resolutions never last. I will probably break a resolution by the time I am done typing this post. This is also not meant to boast because I think I am far off from others on being able to boast. I am just throwing these items out there into the blogosphere to create some sort of accountability that I need to accomplish more than half of the items below. I feel better about myself when I can physically see items being crossed off of my list. Sure, I can easily keep all my goals in my head but it is not the same.

It is not specific but the items towards the top of the list are more important to me than ones towards the bottom. They all carry some weight in the grand scheme of things but I would rather take my kids camping than replacing all the light switches and outlets in the house. Scratch that. I’m not going to waste any brain cycles on prioritizing them.

So without further ado, here is the 2013 goals:

-Stay under 190lbs. [Optional goal is 175lbs.]
-Get a newer car.
-Take the kids camping and fishing.
-Continue to stay physically active or workout more.
-Go fishing more.
-Finish fixing Eddie’s bedroom ceiling.
-Play in 2 disc golf tournaments.
-Disc golf in a new state.
-Stay healthy and fit to play in soccer pick up games and play in Sarah Parvin tournament.
-Take a few yoga classes, continue studying Tao, meditation, etc.
-Run/walk in a 5k race.
-Play in 2 Magic the Gathering events. (Friday Night Magic, Magic Celebration, or any prerelease event.)
-Somehow organize my MTG cards, redo main decks, trade in around 20% of collection for store credit towards useful cards.
-Add to the family tabletop gaming library by picking up one of the “essential” geek games.
-Sponsor a project on Kickstarter.
-Read 10 books.
-Organize the garage and build a work bench.
-Expand the garden and hook up a rain barrel system and build a compost pile.
-Replace basement windows.
-Write 12 blog posts to this blog or any reincarnated form. (Actually 11 if you count this one.)
-Hook up a surround sound system in family room.
-Earn Xbox Gamerscore of 14000, beat the main story line in Borderlands, Skyrim, and finish second prestige in Black Ops I.
-Help the boys put together and create their web comic ideas.
-Organize and title all photos in iPhoto.
-Replace all electrical outlets and light switches.
-Cut open locked file cabinet and scan all needed documents.
-Volunteer for some sort of community/charity program.
-Write something.

I’m drawing a blank on other things I had in mind. I’m going to let this list stand and all the other items will have to happen naturally.

*01/01/2005 – Adding some more.

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