Last Weekend of Soccer Coaching

This weekend will mark the end to my fourth season of soccer coaching for CYSA. No, not four years…four seasons. My first run at coaching was just last year in the spring of 2011. SInce then I coached my youngest son and his band of misfit athletes in Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Winter 2011, and now Spring of 2012. I also just recently coached my oldest son’s U12 team this spring. Soccer is a sport that does not end. The only real break you get is two months between spring and fall. All the other seasons overlap each other.

Head coaching two teams at once wears you down. There is no rest, no spare time, no time to prep, no time to let the past week of practices soak in. I will not put myself through that ringer again. Since I started off with my youngest son, I’m going to stick with those kids and get them ready for a hell of a high school career. The raw talent in these little kids is amazing. I am hoping to close out our season tomorrow with another win which will put us at undefeated with an impressive 8-0 record. Our last game is against our second CYSA U7 team that I co-coach with my friend Coach Jason. (We are dedicated to this group of boys and girls.) More than half of those games were clean sheets and a 5+ goal margin. Every kid on my roster this season scored a goal. I have 3 kids that are still to young to play on my team but they played up and are some of the better players. Including one 6 year old girl who is in 4th place as top scorer and recently tried out for our U9 girls travel team and I was told she was one of the best players that tried out. Luckily her parents already confirmed she is sticking with our group of kids between Coach Jason and myself.

With soccer coming to a close I can finally start whittling down my project list of websites I need to finish designing or updating for friends. Camping trip with my kids at the end of this month at Hickory Run. Baltimore road trip to visit my sister and check out the Liverpool vs Tottenham match. Day trips. House renovations. And then back to the pitch in mid-August to prep for the Sage Stauffer tournament.

*Side note: This is the first season where my youngest Mason’s goal count isn’t in the double digits…however I think he has an assist to every single kid on his team and is developing great field vision. It may be time to move him from center to an attacking wing to become a dangerous threat. He is only two goals behind from being the team’s lead scorer.

*Side note 2: My oldest is having a career high season with 4 goals and 3 assists. He is just one goal behind from being the team’s lead scorer.

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  1. My U7 team ended the season 8-0! Undefeated. Mason scored another goal in the game.

    Eddie racked up another assist in his U12 game. They lost 7-2. (They only had 7 kids show up on a hot day.)

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