Top 10 List of Geek/Nerd Things To Do This Year

One of my goals for 2012 from a previous post was to learn obtain some sort of new geek/nerd skill, trait or as I’ll add; notch to my geek utility belt. I’ve been pondering what that item should be and was torn. I’ve decided first of all to add this as a constant annual goal. This came clear to me as I ended up with a list of possible items for this year. I ended up broadening it to ten items. Some might be a little lamer or easier than the other, but this is the first year and it might advance over the years. I’m also open to suggestions from readers…if there are any out there.

I’m open to geek/nerd activities that allow me to involve my two younger sons Quattro and Mace.

Here is the list.

  1. Build something with a solar panel.  I always wanted to build something that uses renewable energy. May it be a Lego robot that travels across the picnic table or get a solar power kit from Harbour Frieght and wire up all the external house lights.
  2. Learn how to splice fiber cable. This one would be tough since we don’t carry the necessary tools at work and could be an expensive project to make mistakes in. Playing with small strands of glass sounds like too much fun though. My skills at crimping Cat5e and Cat6 cables as sped up this year and comes in handy when you want to make clean precise cable runs.
  3. Learn how to play another TCG or LCG or DBG. (Thats trading card game or living card game or deck building game for you laymen’s.) I already play Magic the Gathering (TCG) and they are a big drain on the wallet especially when your opponent needs to have their own deck. At least with a LCG or DBG everyone plays with the same set of cards.
  4. Learn to play a new board game. I’m not talking Milton Bradley roll and move type games. I’m talking something geekier like a fantasy adventure game or a dungeon crawler or there are some board games that also have a LCG or DBG type mechanic built into it. That would kill two birds with one die.
  5. Master vi editor. Yes, to everyone from work reading this. I am terrible and almost frightened when I have to edit something in vi. This one I definitely want to tackle.
  6. Paint a miniature or put together a model with the kids. Let me state I just want to paint a miniature and not learn how to play one of those games. I do not have the time, money, nor the available memory to withhold all the rules and strategies. I just want to try painting with a tiny brush.
  7. Build a LAN within my house. Using any spare parts I can find and set up my own LAN with a print server, vmWare, storage, switch, etc.
  8. Install an HDTV antennae. Simple enough and I get free HD channels from nearby over the air signals. I can then drop cable services and lower that bill.
  9. Make a web comic or stop animation Lego film with the kids. They have some ideas for both a comic and a film. This would be quite hilarious if we did this.
  10. Help kids put all the Lego sets back together. Ha, highly unlikely. There are dozens of sets all in various bins and pieces. This would take a team of slaves to erect such an undertaking. All of the Harry Potter sets are still in tact. Wish I could same the same for their Star War sets.

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