Did I complete all my goals for 2010?


-Place 1st in a PDGA sanctioned disc golf.
–No, only played one PDGA event this year and it showed.

-Disc golf in a new state. (More than likely Maryland or Massachusetts.)
–Yes, Connecticut.
-Upgrade my home computer and run network cables throughout the house.
–Yes, new iMac.
-Purchase a newer vehicle for myself.

-Get all the rooms on the first floor painted.
-No…only four out of seven rooms complete.

-Redesign and landscape the front yard
-Yes…for now.
-Stay well under 200lbs. (Optional goal is 180lbs.)
Yes…optional goal not reached.
-Complete 2 certifications for work.
–No, only one if your count CPR…lol.

What to pick for 2011?

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