Garruk Wildspeaker Pounded Into The Sand

The name in the title will only stick out to that MTG nerd out there…yea yea Magic The Gathering. The following is my post on the annihilation that I have occured onto Garruk on the Xbox 360 Magic The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalker XBLA title. It took me quite awhile to orchestrate the below attack and nearly crashed and burned my Xbox as smoke was starting to pour out of it. I was waiting for the dreaded Red Ring of Death and maybe even a Blue Screen of Death to rear it’s ugly head. (You ask why I spent over an hour setting this up? Because I am nerd-like, it was late at night, and I was bored. Plus the opportunity presented itself.)

This was a regular match I was playing in an attempt to unlock all the cards for all the decks. Yes for the achievement! This was for the last card in the Ears of the Elves deck. A decent green/black deck with a ton of elves that work together to boost their strength and numbers.

Right off the bat I knew I had a win when my starting hand consisted of 3 lands, 2 Wurm’s Tooth, Elvish Champion, and Farhaven Elf. Considering Garruk holds a green deck I was set to get the Wurm’s Tooth out right away which adds life to my count for every green spell. By turn 6, I drew a third Wurm’s Tooth and had all three laid out. Also early on I drew and played an Imperious Perfect and a Lys Alana Huntsmaster. So I was building an army of 1/1 elves with the quikness and could of won early on…but I saw an oppurtunity to just bury Garruk and wanted to see how far in the red I could send him. (A flaw in the arcade game that still counted damage into the negative when the actual TCG version halts at 0.)

So, at this point I also had Immaculate Magistrate and was adding an onslaught of counters to individuals. By the end of the game my Elven Riders were posing a 208/208 threat. Overkill? Maybe, especially since they were not the only ones receiving the counters.

I waited until Garruk’s deck was down to 4 cards left before I unleashed a mass of  fury on him. I would of went another turn or two but my game was starting to lock up and the Xbox was making an odd sound from within its chasis. So, I started setting up an attack of 36 total elves all of which had Forestwalk so Garruk could do nothing but sit and take his punishment. A few times I thought the game was locked up since nothing was happening for over a minute or two between attacks. I think the entire end attack took 22 minutes to complete. At the end of the match I ended up with 148 life (you start off with 20) and Garruk was sent to the grave with -837. I had him at 1 before the final attack sequence.

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