Howl’s Moving Castle in Lego Format

Over my vacation I got to watch some movies. Of course most are movies I’ve seen a dozen of times. I got to watch Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle, two of my favorite full feature cartoons to come out of Japan. Both movies are directed by Hayao Miyazaki. (I’ve yet to see Ponyo…it’s on my list.)

Anyways, the reason I bring up Howl’s Moving Castle is I want to showcase someone’s dedicated time (or too much time on hand) and their massive collection of Legos. My kids love Legos so this was right up their alley. Someone actually built a full fledged Howl’s Moving Castle. Good work imagine’s brickzone!!! Click here to see his work.

My kid’s only wish they had half the Legos it took to build this. My kids are fully addicted to them like Pookie hooked on crack.

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