Life in a Single Home

Holy crap! What a difference having on the other side of all your boundary walls is open space. No one on either side of us, below or above us. It’s been just over two months and the life we lead is totally different than the last 10 years that my wife and I lived together. We listen to music a lot more and at high volumes. Music is used just for enjoyment and not to wake my prick neighbors up at 8AM with some Black Sabbath. We talk more without wondering who is listening in. The kids play more freely. The best part is we don’t have to listen to anyone elses lives.

The one thing I did notice about no one attached is we yell at the kids more openly. Don’t get me wrong, they deserve it. When we lived in a half a double, I curbed my anger a lot just so no one would think of what a monster of parents we were. The kids kind of knew it too and they played it to their advantage.

We still have neighbors but there is some space between us. I only hear the young guy once in awhile when he takes his Mustang out of the garage. Other than that, the other neighbor is old and we barely see them except when the ambulance shows up. It’s weird to have the police show up on your block only to help the paramedics and not serve search warrants or break up domestic disputes like in Allentown.

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