Time to prep to move

About 6 years ago, Sarah and I bought our first home in Allentown. Not our primary choice but we got tired of hunting for a worthwhile home in our range outside of the city. Well, that was 6 years ago. Things have changed. We have one extra kid, both kids are bigger, job is better (title wise), and we need the space. We also need 0 neighbors attached. I’m done with that crap shoot.

We are starting to organize our house which entails throwing out a lot of clutter. Also, there is a bit of handywork that needs to be done so the house is more presentable. If I call you in the next few weeks, I may need help painting or laying some carpet.

Hopefully in May, we will start looking for homes outside of this city and any other city in the LV. Time to go to the out skirts, but not too far out.

Glad our pre-approved mortgage is higher that our first one. This opens so much more choices for a new nest.

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