Car Accident Last Night

I was coming home from work last night down past the malls. I just got done driving an employee home and was rushing home to use the facilities. I was thinking about stopping in at Best Buy, if I did I wouldn’t be telling you this story. Anyways, I was pulling up to some stopped traffic at a light. The weather was rainy all day. All of a sudden, I heard brakes lock up and I saw it in my rearview. A fairly new sedan closing in on me. I braced myself for impact. The force sent me forward into a Porsche Cheyene in front of me. Both airbags deployed and filled my car with a nasty smell. There was so much smoke and dust in the air, I thought Redman and Method Man were up in my car getting blazed.

My immediate concern before checking mysefl was my frisbees in the trunk. That is where I keep all my disc golf gear and a practice basket. I don’t know how they are doing, I couldn’t open the trunk. I’m heading to the garage that towed it this morning to claim my property. The car is more than likely totalled. See the pics below.

So Mike, you were the last person to ride shotgun in my VW Ghetto Sled.

My poor car. I was so close to breaking 100000 miles. I have never had a car that I didn’t send to its grave or the retirement home.

More pics to follow.


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