Almost Done Christmas Shopping

I love getting a jump on the one holiday that just begs for you to committ suicide…Christmas. So much running around for family and friends, shopping, cold weather, relentless music piping from every store and office speakers. Tis the season of giving, giving all your money away. If the stores don’t get it, watch out for the bell ringers. The last two years I  went shopping on Christmas Eve, but not this year. Granted, the last two years on Eve was not bad. There was barely a soul out there. However, I am not running into that issue again.

This year my kids are already done minus one more online order. My cousins are done. My wife is near complete. Her parents are near complete. My parents…still up in the air.

The bad part of finishing up so early (especially for my kids) is that there are so many days ahead where we can buy this item here and that one there, oh this is a good deal. Before you know it, a scaled down Christmas turns into an onslaught of toys.

As long as they get some cool toys for me to play with. Or maybe an awesome new game.

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