Soon to have an Xbox 360?

Over the years I have had my fair share of consoles. I’ve owned all the last generation consoles, and not all at the same time. My first PS2 died, so I traded in for an Xbox. Then visa versa. I also owned a Gamecube for awhile. Then while I had my Xbox and Gamecube, I bought into the PSP and traded all my gear to build up my PS2/PSP library. Then I sold the PSP and all my games to start off with a Nintendo DS and gradually moved into a Wii.

Now, I’m looking to add to the Wii and get an Xbox 360. I might be getting one through an awards program at work. I’ve been earning points for various achievements of excellence as well nominations from my co-workers. These points might be used for an Xbox 360 Arcade system. I’ll then be needing to buy some stuff to go with it (hard drive, Live card, MS points, controller, some games). So, since I’m married with two kids, work in this economy, and have Christmas coming, I decided to see what the online community would contribute. Sure its a shot in the dark, but I’ve donated a dollar or two to similar requests looking to fix their car, buy video games, open heart surgery, etc. The link to my Paypal account is here.

You looking to get services for money? How about web hosting? I can provide that. Name your price for 100Mb of hosting. Cash? Xbox 360 gear?

Or, you can click my Google Ad on the side over there —>.

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