Finally Some Fantasy Football Wins

Over the last decade, I have had some successful runs at Fantasy Football, mainly our office ones. I have won 4 championships through work. Including a three year run of domination. I mainly been playing fantasy leagues on Yahoo under my old name fast_eddie_mac and current qwikstreet.The first couple years of the league were easy. Half of the league barely looked at their teams after the draft, and the rest that looked had no idea on what they were doing. These last three years have been a little more difficult. The coaching talent is beefier and more knowledgeable of the whole league and who can do what.

This year I was hoping for some satisfaction and not an early bailout in the first round of the playoffs. In the two leagues I was in this year I started off with some great draft rounds. My work league I was fourth and another league I first. Awesome! Time to make some great picks. Lets see what I picked.

Tom Brady (out for the season)
Nate Burelson (out for the season)
Jeff Garcia (sucked down to third string)
Joey Galloway (still hasn’t played)
Kevin Curtis (still hasn’t played)

In both leagues I have suffered 0-2 starts until this weekend when I finally picked up a win in both leagues on the Monday night game. Thank you LT and Lavernuis Cole. This weekend I go up against undefeated first place teams in both leagues. Yeah me.

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