Bowers Chile Festival is a wet time

Thanks to Hurricane Hannah, our plans for the weekend are all screwed up. No disc golf at noon, no kid’s first soccer game of the season, and no morning trip out to Bowers for the Bowers Chile Festival. Oh wait, screw the rain, I WANT SOME HOT SHIT!!!

Rain didn’t steer us away from driving a few miles into the countryside to attend the annual Bowers Chile Festival. Apparently, the rain didn’t scare off other fans of the pepper. Rain was coming down in buckets and it was a cold rain. However, the sauces, salsa, pretzels, nuts, vinegar, and more kept us warm and toasty inside. I should of brought more money than I did. The only thing I didn’t walk away with was a hot sauce for my desk at work. I did try my fair share but was too wet to decide the one I want. Plus, the sample chip/pretzels were getting soggy and stale and I couldn’t get the full taste.

I did get mustard, habanero pickles, a few types of peppers for cooking, BBQ sauce, and jalepano relish. The best thing I ate was mushrooms stuffed with crab. The hot peppers stuffed with crab was good too. I even had a salsa that was grey colored and was off the charts that the vendor used to rank his other flavors. He just said it was stupid hot, and man was it ever. There was also a sauce I tried where I had to sign a health waiver. I haven’t had to sign a waiver like that since I bought grain alcohol in college. That sauce was worse off than stupid hot. It was insane.It’s called Anhilation by Torchbearer, which doesn’t look like they carry it on their site.

I was soaked by the end but it didn’t matter to me.

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