Bats In My Basement

The other morning, I went about my morning routine as usual. I went downstairs to make some coffee and then into the basement to turn on the water for the bathroom. (We have to shut the hot water off due to a leaky faucet.) As I was starting to come back upstairs from the basement, one of our fly paper traps was swinging from side to side. So, I had to take a closer look and saw something other than a few dead flies.

Bats in my basement

What I saw was a bat stuck to the backside of the trap. I will admit, it fuckin’ freaked me out. Call me a wuss, but I had a bat in my basement. It’s wings were wrapped around the box shaped trap and the head was inside the box. It attempted to eat its way free. My wife was overly concerned with the bat and fished it out of the garbage. I told her there was not much we could do for it. It probably will never fly again because of the glue and a tear it one of the wings.

Of course, she didn’t listen. She ended up calling the Lehigh Valley Zoo to find out what can be done. She ended up peeling its wings off the trap and placed it in a box. She cut up fruit and fed the creature. My co-workers were making fun of me because I was about to have a new pet. Luckily, that is not the case…

My cousin is about to start the 7th grade and is enrolled in an excellent academic program called Monagacci. This nontraditional 7th- grade curriculum takes kids to the heights of the Appalachian Trail as often as it takes them to the depths of eastern Pennsylvania’s ponds and streams. We gave him a call and told him what we caught. We already provided him with some big insects for his summer project. We took the bat over to him where it is still alive to this day. I hope it will make it until Monday, which is his first day of school.

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