Family-less Weekend

This weekend I will be without any family. My wife and children are venturing back across the state for a family reunion. That leaves me all alone for a weekend of beer, Musikfest, disc golf, and playing video games in my underwear. It also allows me to blast my music late at night and at 6AM in the morning to piss off our whacked out neighbors. I think I will be playing some sort of FPS hooked up to the surround sound.

It’s kind of cool, but it sucks as well since my wife is going to miss the Stone Temple Pilots concert tonight. No big deal since I didn’t pay for the tickets and is being sponsored by my employer.

Of course I can see some of my family by going to my aunt’s picnic on Saturday but I have a disc golf tournament and picnic to attend.

Maybe I’ll call off Monday and take advantage of another quiet day at home.

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