Netflix/Blockbuster Here I Come

I just received my latest cable company bill and was surprised by yet another increase that occured over the last year. Thanks a lot RCN. This time the Showtime/Starz/Cinemax/ETC channels went up to $30 a month. Overall, it is not a bad price if you watch a lot of movies. We used to and always grabbed stuff ON DEMAND since what we wanted to watch was never on when we wanted. Lately, a lot of the movies suck or we just have no interest in. Plus, the ON DEMAND menus are becoming slower and slower with RCN to navigate. It looks like I am dropping the premium movie channels at the end of the billing cycle.The only thing that really sucks is they group the digital music channels with the movie channels. I will definetly miss those 40+ music channels.

In its place I was thinking of either restarting my Blockbuster Online account or starting up with Netflix. Both companies have great response times on delivery and the selections are pretty damn close.

Hopefully my next cable/internet/phone bill will be below $150.

Too bad Gamefly got too expensive or I would restart that service as well.

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