Growing Grass

No it’s not that type of grass. The stoner-acclaimed holiday of 4/20 has come and gone.

I’m talking about the grass in my backyard. A few weeks back I took on the project of repairing my damaged lawn. The lawn was damaged over the years from various sources. Stuff like; previous owners had dogs, my kids running on it, neighbors tree sucking all the moisture out of my ground, raking in the fall stripping it.

So a few weeks back I decided to dig up almost all of my yard. Big dirt patches everywhere. I ended up buying new topsoil and grass seed to lay down. The seeds said 3-5 days for germination and I was getting nervous when nothing was seen for the first 8 days. I was hoping I wouldn’t have a dirt yard for the summer. I was watering it over and over but nothing was happening. However, since the first rain about 2 weeks after planting, grass is growing all over. Pretty soon the kids can walk on it, not like it stops a 7 and 3 year old.

As soon as the grass is in, the picnic table comes out and its time to grill some dead animals.

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