New Vacuum Sucks More Than Old One

For Christmas, we got a new bag-less vacuum in the house.  This is to replace the old one I had when I was a mere bachelor. So it must be about 10 years old or so.  So it was time for a replacement.  We have old carpet in the house that is slowly deteriorating and will be replaced this spring.

So, we run the vacuum for the  first time shortly after Christmas. It is pretty cool to see the cyclonic power inside the cannister. It wasn’t cool when we were down with just the living room and dining room. The cannister was already full. I couldn’t belief all the stuff our old vacuum was missing. Which probably explains the respiratory problems my wife and kids were having.  Since we started using it, the coughs and sneezes are minimal.

It’s nice not to buy bags anymore but we do have to empty and clean out our filth. It’s a little more labor in the end but it is worth it.

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