Addicted to Galaxy on the Wii

You think I’m talking about Super Mario Galaxy? Nope, not really. I do love the game and spent lots of time getting stars and star bits and turning into Boo Mario. But, I’m talking about another recent release with Galaxy in the title. I think I spent more hours this week in this game then I have all of November on other Wii games, and that is quite a lot.

Geometry WarsI’m talking Geometry Wars Galaxies. Holy shit is this game fun and addicting. I spent many quarters back in my day on a game called Asteroids. Geometry Wars is Asteroids on steroids and LSD. It is an insane frantic action packed colorful arcade game that will keep my up many nights. Last night I was up until 3am playing the game and boosting the stats of my drones. The drones help you battle through waves and waves of shapes, black holes, and ships. My favorites so far are the turret and the collect drones. The game works well with the Wii Classic Controller. You can upload your scores to an online scoreboard. There are a few galaxies where my score is in the top 10. That I am sure will not last long, but I like the gratification when I see my name on the top leaderboard.

I strongly suggest this game. You can even download the XBLA version (Geometry Wars Evolved) to your DS for traveling. I have not been so addicted to an arcade style game this bad since Lumines for the PSP.

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