Thanksgiving Mishap

Ah the holidays are always fun. It’s never a completed holiday without family crying, fire, fights, and/or disaster in the kitchen. Luckily, this year there was only one of the four in my Thanksgiving. We had a second turkey dinner on Saturday for my in-laws. I woke up early to prep the 14lb bord and preheat the oven. I set the oven and cleaned out the turkey. Ten minutes go by and I notice the oven still says 100 degrees. That doesn’t look right. The oven was still room temperature…joy.

So, 7 in the morning I am tearing apart my oven looking at wiring and a starter. I finally figured out what was wrong and got the part out that needed to be replaced. The hunt begins for the part. After calling 5 appliance part stores, no one carries the part and I had to order it. Now I have my in-laws heading into town, a 14lb bird, and no oven.

Time to put my grilling skills to the test. I decided to grill the bird whole. I placed it in the roasting pan and poured a can of beer in and covered it with aluminum foil. Three and a half hours on low heat and the meat was falling off the bones. The best turkey I’ve had. Luckily, everything came out alright and it looks like grilling the turkey is our new Thanksgiving tradition.

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