Closing in on a Wii

As a father 0f two with a mortgage and a car payment, money is tight and not as abundant to throw around like my bachelor years. However, I do what I can to earn some extra dough for my personal spending outside the budget plans the wife and I worked on. I’ve got two online shopping carts that are near down and will more than pay for one of two items I want this year. The first being a Nintendo Wii. Sadly, both shopping carts are for a friend and one for a family member. It’s hard to over charge those you know; otherwise I’d have a new TV as well.

Now that the money is almost in hand, I need to do step 2 of getting a Wii….and that is finding one. Every time I go to EB Games, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. I look for a Wii and have yet to see one sitting on the shelves. I found more Xbox 360 Elites and of course PS3s. I’m already starting to pimp out unplayed DS games to get my hands on some Wii and Gamecube games to prep my library.

So close.

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