Sportsfest Tournament

The last two months in disc golf tournaments have been good to me. Or I should say last two tournaments. Last month at the second annual Soltice Tournament, I walked away with a new Innova Disccatcher basket. That was a nice perk after shooting like shit the first round at Hickory Run.

Yesterday was the 11th Annual Allentown Sportsfest and the 7th year LVDC held a tournament at the Lehigh Parkway for Sportsfest. I’ve never placed in a tournament and have been going in Intermediate Ams instead of Advanced in hopes to remind this mediocre athlete that I can play. The first round I did alright but had a few out of bound penalties that really could of hurt me. However, the amount of pars that followed help me get on the lead card for the second round. I was tied for second and only two strokes from the lead. The second round was a close battle back and forth until the guy that was tied with me started fading out. I could not capitalize on mistakes from the lead and two low putts right at the end cemented my place in second. Which I am still more than satisfied with. Still need a #1 finish and I guess I need to greatly improve and sit in thebottom middle of Advanced Ams for the rest of my days.

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