Finally Logged in at Destructoid

Weeks and weeks later my attempts to log into a site called Destructoid worked. It all started earlier this spring when our new hire at work ended up being a writer for the above mentioned site, which deals in video games. Since I also wrote for game sites over the last 7 years, we had some sort of common ground. I always read the site but never signed up with an account. Now I did just to comment on one of his articles. The account was made and I was never able to log in with it. It only worked in the forums and not the blogs. At first I thought it was my work PC and the browser settings but it didn’t work on any of my computers. The new hire had no problem logging in with my machine.

So, I made a new account with a variation of my typical ‘qwikstreet‘ username and that also failed. The owner of the site recognized that the accounts were created. So, I finally made the new hire create an account for me on his computer stepping away from any qwik or qwikstreet and it worked…

My Dtoid Blog….like it matters.

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